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Gardening Services Earls Court, SW5If you want to have a splendid and charming garden you need to take regular and proper care of it and for all the plants in it. Arranging and shaping your garden well is a tough work and can’t be done by inexperienced people without an expert help. To have your garden professionally taken care of, ensuring the proper growth, blossoming and overall development of all the trees, flowers and plants, you can use our gardening services. We are available and ready to help you maintain your garden any time you need it. There are plenty of gardening services you can take advantage of.

Hourly Services
Basic Gardening (Two Gardeners) £37/h £33/h
Lawn Mowing (Two Gardeners) £37/h £33/h
Hedge Trimming (Two Gardeners) £37/h £33/h
Weeding (Two Gardeners) £37/h £33/h

“These guys have been working with us for two years. Every season they come up with fresh ideas for making our garden even more beautiful. I highly recommend them.” – Joel

Gardeners Earls Court

Some of our gardening services that we provide are:

  • trimming hedges
  • mowing the lawn
  • watering the plants
  • making flower beds
  • installing fences
  • sowing turf
  • clearing pavements and paths
  • cutting the excess branches
  • providing gravel to a previously specified location
  • shaping bushes
  • planting flower, bush and tree seeds
  • fertilizing the soil
  • clearing the weeds

gardening services Earls Court, SW5This is not the whole list of our company’s services. There are some additional gardening activities not included above, that we do and such by clients’ demand. CleanersEarlsCourt obtain our customers with beautifully maintained gardens with a nice design of their own choices. We manage to complete our work, using very little time. Our gardeners are supplied with the latest and most powerful gardening tools and machines for mowing meadows, gardening scissors for cutting hedges and doing the whole work with less efforts. Our gardening procedures are optimized, thanks to our skilful gardeners and the modern gardening technologies they are equipped with. If you want to receive our expert gardening opinion, advices and help to look after for your garden properly, reserve our gardening services and see our cheap prices.

Our Services in Earls Court:

Deep Cleaning Earls Court
Upholstery Cleaning Earls Court
End Of Tenancy Cleaning Earls Court
Carpet Cleaning Earls Court
Oven Cleaning Earls Court
Office Cleaning Earls Court

You will understand whether you make some mistakes in your cares for your plants and how to correct them. Our gardening specialists will improve your garden’s condition and give you some ideas how to solve all the problems you have in your garden. Even the most experienced gardeners have something to learn form our gardening experts. Don’t wait too long to have your garden cleaned from weeds, waste and things that prevent it from growing and developing correctly. Book our services now.

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